USDA’s Updated Guidelines for Properties With Swimming Pools

Anyone familiar with the old guidelines for USDA and their requirements for swimming pools, knew you must get 1) A Pool Waiver as part of the USDA review process and 2) No value of the pool must be given unless it is above the purchase price.  Now with the December 2014 changes to the USDA 3555 regulations, the prior value restrictions is removed.

Updated USDA Guidelines for Swimming Pools Include:

The agency may approve dwellings with in-ground swimming pools and have removed the prior value restrictions.

So, this means that USDA will look at swimming pools just like the other lending agencies do.  To learn more requirements about swimming pools, non-functioning pools, and everything else about financing a home with a pool, click here.

For questions about buying your dream home in NC, SC, or VA with a USDA home loan and even if it includes a swimming pool, contact us today!

USDA pool guidelines - Team Move Mortgage NC, SC, VA
USDA pool guidelines – Team Move Mortgage NC, SC, VA

Written By: Russell Smith