The Importance of Being a Highly Reviewed Realtor Across Several Platforms

We live in a world where we check the reviews for almost everything. Trying a new pizza place? Check the reviews. Buying a car? Picking a daycare? Getting a haircut? We check the reviews across many different platforms to see what others in our community are saying about the products and services that they’ve used, and that we are interested in trying. So it only makes sense that when making one of the biggest life decisions of their lives, people would search the web to find a realtor that they can trust to help them buy or sell their home.  Realtor reviews will help them find you!

realtor reviews

As a realtor, being highly reviewed across many platforms is beneficial in many ways. It helps potential clients see what you’ve done in the past and what you’re capable of doing in their future. If potential clients see online reviews that you’re knowledgeable, capable, experienced, honest and easy to work with, they will feel more at ease trusting you with their real estate experience. Studies show that people are much more likely to write an online review about a bad experience over a good one. They’re also more likely to tell their friends when they’ve been unhappy or unsatisfied with a product or service.

So how to do you get your clients to rant and rave about how great you are?

  • Ask for it- the easiest way to get a review is to simply ask for it. It can be awkward the first few times, but if you are confident that your clients were happy with your services, you shouldn’t feel weird about asking. More than likely, they’d be happy to leave you a glowing review.
  • Ask for it, early– mention in the first few meetings that you’ll be asking for a review at the end, and that you’re going to work your hardest for a positive review. This way, the clients aren’t surprised at the end when you ask. It also gives them a chance to keep a mental list of all of the great things you do for them so they can mention it on their final review.
  • Keep It Personal- there’s nothing tackier than sending an email blast asking for realtor reviews. Ask your clients individually about what they thought about the service you provided.
  • Strive For Perfection Honesty- Every review may not be an impeccable review, and that’s ok. It’s great actually, because it shows your future clients who are reading your reviews that you are human, and proves you didn’t pay your neighbors and friends to write stellar reviews on your behalf. If a review mentions a mistake or a problem, you can use it as a platform to explain how you fixed it and how it all turned out okay in the end. Clients don’t want perfect, they want honest.

What Do You Do With The Reviews?

Once you’ve collected a few realtor reviews from previous clients, it is important to post them online in a certain way so that they reach the right people at the right times.

Post reviews on your website– Your website is all you. It’s a very personal way for you to introduce yourself to future clients. You should definitely post a few reviews on your personal website.

Realtor Websites– Real Estate websites like Zillow, Redfin and Trulia are popular places to look for realtor reviews. These sites may be easier for people to get to than your personal site, so you want a few great reviews here to direct people to your personal website.

Social Media– Using social media to post your reviews may feel like bragging, but it can be done in a way that focuses on the client first, and at the same time features your review. You could post a comment about how great it was to work with Mike and Susie Smith and how much you love their new La Gorce Island Home listed by Sky Five Properties, along with a picture of the three of you at closing, followed by their review. This way, you’re thanking them for their business, reminding your social media friends that they know a great real estate agent, and then giving yourself a pat on the back, all at the same time.

General Review Platforms– Although it makes sense to be listed on real estate websites, your reviews can also reach a lot of people on general websites like Google and Yelp. Make sure your reviews are on these popular sites as well.

Positive reviews are earned, and you should not be shy in letting the world know that you’re basically a rock star. We’re kidding, but really, if your clients gave you a great review, other people want to know about it. And if you get a less than wonderful review, the way you respond is much more important than the review itself. You can prevent negative reviews from going online by creating your own survey to email out to past clients so you can see their feedback before it goes online.

Listing your reviews over a variety of different platforms helps get your name and experience out there for potential clients to see, and increases your chances of getting business based on your previous experience, and on the happiness and satisfaction of your recent clients.

Written By: Russell Smith