Only Way Realty Carolina Veteran Purchase Discount Program

OWR Carolina Patriot Program Offers Huge Savings

Military Veterans can receive big discounts off closing costs and even pay off bills by using the Military Buyer Advantage Program.  Team Move Mortgage and Only Way Realty Carolina have joined to provide this wonderful program that saves Veterans money.  This product is available throughout Southeastern NC in addition to Horry County SC.  Kip Nance with Only Way Realty Carolina covers Horry County (Myrtle Beach, Conway, and surrounding areas), Brunswick, Columbus, and Bladen Counties.  As a result, Veterans, Service Members, and surviving spouses have a better way to buy a home!

The Military Buyer Advantage program combines the benefits of a VA home loan with additional savings and credits of up to $1,000 by OWR Carolina as well as a 1% lender credit from Team Move Mortgage.  So check out this chart for details.

These credits can be used towards any or all of the following for a Veteran buyer:

  • Closing costs
  • Pre-paids which include homeowners insurance and escrow set up
  • Paying down or completely paying off a Veteran’s bill
  • Buyout of an existing lease
  • Paying down the VA funding fee

Benefits of a VA or VA Jumbo Mortgage Loan

Military veteran buyer discount savingsYou served our country so now let a VA home loan serve you!  Most of all, VA home loans offer affordable payments and often a no money down way to purchase a home.  Many don’t realize this, but Veterans can even purchase a luxury home over $484,350 using a VA jumbo loan.  Therefore, VA jumbo loans offer a very low percentage down and super low interest rates compared to other jumbo loans.

Disabled Veterans Can Receive Additional Savings!  If you are considered to have a service connected disability, there are even more savings you may receive.  First of all, if you are considered 10% or more disabled by VA, you save the cost of the VA funding fee.  This can be a savings up to 3.3% of your loan amount!  South Carolina offers an Exemption from Property Taxes to Veterans with a 100% service connected disability.  How about that?  No property taxes!  North Carolina also offers 3 Property Tax Discount Programs which disabled Veterans could qualify for as well.  So with potentially no money down, super low mortgage rates, discounts offered through the Military Buyer Advantage program and even low to no property taxes, why not buy now?

Team Move Mortgage VA Home Loan Experts

When buying a new home, it is important to have a mortgage team that provides product knowledge, great rates with low costs, communication, and execution.  This is what Team Move is all about!  We understand the importance for Veterans to not only find the right home, but to get financing that works with your specific budget.  Additionally, we provide a lender credit to lower your costs at closing.  The Team Move system is a well oiled machine which works to get you through underwriting into closing quickly.  An Efficient process while communicating with you throughout the entire process ensures your satisfaction.

Team Move Mortgage Simple mortgage purchase process

Learn more about Kip Nance, Broker in Charge, Only Way Realty Carolina

I simply love the coast of both North and South Carolina, plus I am a life-long resident. I have invested and sold real estate for 19 years and know the concerns of local buyers.  First of all, clients see quickly how my skills and work ethic will ensure complete customer satisfaction. In the end, you will know that you closed on the best deal for you and in the area you desired.  When it comes to buying or selling your home or property, my priorities are easy… they are yours!  It is so exciting to offer the Military Buyer Advantage program to Veterans and Service Members of NC and SC.  So contact me to learn more about finding you the right home with the right price for you.

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Written By: Russell Smith

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