New Hanover County Tax Records to Buy a Home in Wilmington NC

When buying a home, townhome, or condo around Wilmington, check the New Hanover County Tax Records.  You will find that New Hanover County, Wilmington, and the other towns have very reasonable tax rates.  So mortgage payments are very payment friendly for living at the beach!

New Hanover County Tax Records includes both county and city taxes for all towns.  Cities and towns include Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach, and Castle Hayne.

On the property tax website, one can search for actual property taxes, property tax rates, sales history, and more.  Plus the website is very easy to use too.  Actually there are some recent changes as new Hanover County just went through a reevaluation of property tax values.  So if you looked up a property recently, you should check again.  The next evaluation is scheduled for January 1, 2021.

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How to Search New Hanover County Tax Records

New Hanover County Tax Records Bill Search - Wilmington, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Castle Hayne

New Construction homes property taxes

New home construction property taxes may only use the land value.  So this is a case to look up the property tax rates for the town and county.  A good practice is to use the completed appraised value times the tax rates to estimate the total property taxes.  Another option is to look for similar recently completed homes which have a full tax value in place.  A home that is just a few months older could have the full tax value including the building.  Therefore taxes on a neighboring and similar house would be very close.  Look up recent property taxes here.

Existing homes property taxes

Looking up property taxes on an existing home or resale is much easier.  There should actually be a history of the property taxes.  To look up the most recent property taxes, just click here.  If looking to buy this home, divide the property taxes by 12 to get the monthly tax amount.

How to Buy a Home in Wilmington NC

Now you know how to lookup the property taxes on a property in New Hanover County.  So what about financing a home in Wilmington?  There wilmington nc property tax recordsare so many options to buy a piece of Cape Fear.  Unique options start with Veterans able to buy a home over the conforming loan limit of $424,100.  Imagine buying a luxury home with potentially very little down payment!  Although most of New Hanover County is not USDA eligible, there are USDA approved areas.  This means a no money down loan is possible.  In the ineligible USDA areas, we offer down payment assistance through NC Housing Finance Agency.  This allows buyers throughout Wilmington to have nothing down to very little down payment.

First time buyers in Wilmington have options mentioned above, plus additional options as well.  There are even great options for buyers with student loan debt.  Options include being able to use income based repayment student loan payments when qualifying for a home.  An MCC tax credit is also available to first time buyers in Wilmington which can help lower income tax bills.  With the warm beach breezes and wonderful communities, it is a great town to start your young adult life.

There are a lot of retirees in Wilmington.  Living on the river, downtown, Mayfaire, or at the beach.  What better way to retire?  A reverse mortgage helps senior citizens buy a home while potentially preserving investments plus avoiding monthly payments.  Borrowers must still pay property taxes, insurance, and any HOA dues on the property though.

New Hanover County Tax Foreclosures

Occasionally the county has to foreclose on properties when the property taxes are in serious delinquency.  So if New Hanover forecloses on the home, they will conduct a sale on the courthouse steps.  This is located at 316 Princess Street, Wilmington, NC 28401.  County foreclosures are open to the public to buy, but it is important to research how it works.

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New Hanover County Tax Office is located at 230 Government Center Drive, Ste 190, Wilmington, NC 28403 | Phone: 910-798-7300 | Fax: 910-798-7310 |

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Written By: Russell Smith

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