How Can You Protect Your HVAC System From Common Pests

If you have been neglecting the proper maintenance of your house probably it’s time to get your HVAC system checked. Pests like insects and rodents look for warmth in your attics, walls, or basement. Your HVAC system is an easy access point to your home and provides an ideal atmosphere. Pests can not only be responsible for expensive repair bills by causing a lot of damage but also impair the indoor air quality. If residents have respiratory issues, then the poor air quality can trigger allergies in them.

pests The common critters you can expect are rats, rodents, cockroaches, spiders and birds. Insects like cockroaches like cool and dark places. They can squeeze into the smallest of cracks and you can hear them move inside the ductwork. Cockroaches may not cause any damage, but they carry diseases which make them dangerous. Rodents, on the other hand, crawl into tight spaces and can damage your HVAC system. They chew through the duct material and often use it to build their nests. Wasps and spiders are a threat to your family’s safety and termites damage the structure of your home which makes pest proofing of your HVAC system a must.

Here are 4 pest abatement measures to help protect your HVAC system for the long haul against pests

  1. Seal Ducts, Vents, and Flues After Installation – Vents in the attic or basement, or dryer vents are convenient pathways for pests to enter the HVAC system. Make sure the ductwork is sealed as it not only prevents infestation but also helps you save on heating and cooling. Even the smallest of cracks can turn into freeways for pests which is problematic as they leave behind debris, fur, carcasses, odors and allergens which is distributed around the house.
  2. Protect Your Air Conditioning CondenserIt is highly crucial to keep the outdoor component of your cooling system free of debris and vegetation. Rodents are known to cause a lot of damage when it comes to exterior air conditioning condenser. They chew, scratch, urinate and can even get electrocuted if you happen to turn on the air conditioning system when they are inside. Preventing rodents from coming near the condenser is the first step to keeping it safe. Clean and clear the area surrounding the condenser. Clip off the vegetation and use a pet repellent to deter animals from coming to the area.
  3. Do Your HVAC Maintenance Regularly – If you have a routine annual HVAC maintenance, then it will prevent pests from taking over your system. Inspections done by a certified technician will give you a heads-up on any warning signs before the pest does any damage and will provide you the solution to keep them out. Check the furnace and air conditioner filters monthly and replace as needed. This ensures that your home is clean and healthy but also improves the performance and efficiency of the system.
  4. Install External Air-Vent Screen and Clear Outdoor Units – The air vents on the exterior walls are the most susceptible areas of the system. They may allow pests of all types to enter the house. The fact that the vents are necessary, but they also give the pests a direct access to your HVAC system can put you in a fix. The best solution is to install aluminum wire mesh over the external vent to keep pests outside the house. Mesh has tiny holes which prevent pests from entering the house. Flue covers prevent birds and insects from getting into the heating system.

Understanding Termite Inspection Reports

Despite all the measures, pests can still find creative ways to enter your house. Call for residential pest control service in Tracy, CA for a quarterly check as it will help you a long way towards maintaining a pest free home environment and for the HVAC system to function more efficiently and effectively.

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