How to Become a Realtor and Do It Right From the Beginning – Tips from the Pros!

Starting any business is tough and that is what you do as a new Realtor.  You become your own business!  So knowing how to become a Realtor and do it right from the beginning involves planning.  Hopefully no one would start a business without coming up with a well thought out business plan.  This plan would include such areas as…

  • Business plan creation
  • Required education
  • Licensing
  • Researching companies
  • Training
  • Marketing & branding plan
  • Creating a philosophy

How to Become a Realtor, A SUCCESSFUL Realtor!

Rather than just give advice from us, it is best to give tips from very successful real estate agents.  Starting out as a newhow to become a realtor Realtor, it is important to be yourself.  But, at the same time there are a lot of habits performed by highly successful agents that would be good to emulate.  So here are some comments from seasoned real estate agents that help create a successful business.

  1. “When I meet with new buyers, I always ask if they will have their checkbook handy and if they have sufficient funds on deposit so they can write an EMD if we find a house they like.”
  2. “My daily goal is to give out 25 business cards.  I go everywhere – to the little country store on the corner, to the shopping mall, to networking groups.  Looking at every person I meet as a potential buyer or seller is important. “
  3. “I Always counsel my buyers to purchase owners title insurance – it’s a small price to pay for the security that goes with owning a home for several years.    This is particularly true if the property is a foreclosure or short sale.”
  4. “Just prior to a scheduled Sunday open house, I will invite the neighbors in to preview the property.  I also do a drawing for a gift card and it results in a positive image and a little free publicity for me.”
  5. “I visit my homebuyers with a season-inspired ‘pop-by’ gift – it reminds them that I was truly interested in their finding a place to call ‘home’ and the neighbors definitely take note.”
  6. “Never assume you know it all.  This is a business that teaches you something new everyday and I’ve been selling real estate for 30 years!”

Additional Business Building Ideas for Realtors

  • Give back to the local community: Habitat homes , area food banks, adopt-a-family for the holidays, and other organizations are examples of ways to increase your visibility in the community.
  • Create your own website: Brand yourself, make it informative, and provide access to the MLS.
  • Write a blog: Provide valuable information to your local community to show you are a great resource.  Be consistent by making time at minimum once per week to write.

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Best Reviewed Realtor is SO Important!how to become a realtor

Almost all real estate searches begin online.  They typically start looking at houses, but it progresses to seeing or searching out agent profiles.  These various online lists will rank agents by several factors such as paid accounts, number of stars, local relevance, or key words.  The cool thing is most of the factors are free and allows for agents to rank highly by learning how it works.  We have a great guest post article on our site to check out, “The Importance of Being a Highly Reviewed Realtor Across Several Platforms“.  In this article, it shows why and how to use these reviews to gain business and trust with potential clients.  So don’t just study how to become a Realtor, figure how to be a highly reviewed one.  Once you check out this article, let us know if you have further questions.

Be a Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent

Buyers and sellers depend for so much from their agents.  Therefore a knowledgeable Realtor will not only advise their clients best, education will attract new clients.  Just think, if someone speaks to a few agents.  One agent says “I don’t know” a lot or just doesn’t sound knowledgeable about the area.  Then, the one that shows a high level of expertise will win that client more times than not.  We have several articles for those looking how to become a Realtor.

Also, check out our loan types section up top and our other helpful blog articles.  Topics may be searched at the top left or choose a blog category.  Our goal is to educate buyers, sellers, Realtors, and others looking to learn more about real estate and financing it.  Actually a lot of Realtors we work with will share these articles on their social media.  Each article on our site can be shared on social media!  It works very well too in creating interest with the public which can turn into clients.  Again, the more valuable information you share, the more you receive.

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Written By: Russell Smith