How Investing In A Smart Home Saves You Money

home security Home automation technology has been around for several years now, but these devices have only recently hit the mainstream and have started to get into a substantial number of homes. This technology allows you to do all kinds of amazing things that will streamline your life, give you back some free time, allow you to live greener and even save you money. These are all great reasons to get in on the action and let’s be honest, saving money is the best part. So how exactly does a smart home decked out with all of these gadgets save you money? Let’s count the ways:

1. Tame Your Air Conditioner and Heater

Your heating and cooling units are beasts and they need to be tamed. A smart thermostat makes sure that your air and heat are not constantly running. Gone are the days when they had to run all day because you are at work. You can use your smartphone to schedule runtimes, and even keep it off all day and turn it on remotely just before you come home. You’ll be amazed at how much money this saves you all by itself.

2. Every Outlet Is A Money Saving Opportunity

Smart outlets allow you more flexible control of nearly everything that you can plug into them. Don’t use the internet after 9 PM? Schedule it to shut off at that time. Does a family member leave the light on when they leave rooms? No problem. Set it to go off after a certain amount of time. Set your coffee maker to power on when you wake up so that you are greeted with a cup of coffee and have it turn off again. The appliances that draw power even when they are turned off end up costing us a lot of extra money. So use smart outlets on all of these things and watch your energy bill go down.

3. Water Your Garden With Smart Sprinklers

There’s nothing wrong with just getting out the old garden hose and spraying away at your garden, but this isn’t the most efficient or cost-effective way to take care of your yard. Believe it or not, smart sprinklers are a better way to go and they will save you money on your water bill. Smart Sprinklers do their job only when needed and it knows when watering is needed better than you do since it uses the weather as a guide. Again, it can be scheduled using your smartphone as well.

4. Leak Detectors

Having your hot water tank burst is bad enough, but what’s worse is the expensive damage that all of that water can do to your home. It happens to many people when they are away and they come home to a huge mess. Smart leak detectors give you a heads up by alerting you when a leak is detected. This means you can avoid extra damage and that is huge savings. Think of it as extra insurance.

5. Speaking Of Insurance…

Did you know that home automation can save you money on your home insurance costs? A smart home is a safer home and so they mitigate loss for insurance companies. Home automation lessens the chances of claims due to water damage, fire, theft and more. Especially if you have decent home security. And you get to benefit because some insurance companies offer up to 20% discounts. Great news. These are just some of the ways that investing in home automation can save you some serious money. A smart house loaded with savings stacked up on savings, putting more money into your pocket every month. How can you not love that?
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Written By: Russell Smith