Chenoa Fund Down Payment Assistance Makes It Easier to Buy a Home Nationwide

Probably the biggest perceived hurdle to homeownership is lack of down payment. Although, buying a home with little to no money down is easier than you think. In addition to no down payment loans like VA loans and USDA loans, down payment assistance saves the day. One down payment assistance source we provide is the Chenoa Fund which we offer nationwide (except TX, NY, AK, HI). Not only does the Chenoa Fund provide the down payment, it also has many potential advantages over other products.

  • Full 100% financing for FHA and Conventional loans
  • No income restriction options
  • Uses borrower income instead of household income
  • Not just for first time buyers
  • Plus DPA provides many other advantages for buyers
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Chenoa Fund Down Payment Assistance

Chenoa Fund Down Payment Assistance Strategies

Looking to buy with less cash to close is a very popular request. But, there is more to just finding a down payment. Achieving the dream of home ownership needs to be affordable in other areas. Not only does Chenoa help with down payment. There are other strategies that help buyers. The seller may contribute towards paying closing costs. Conventional loans allow 3% of the sales price and FHA allows 6% of the price to go towards the buyer’s closing costs.

Credit scores may go as low as 620 when using an FHA loan with Chenoa DPA. Often when using no money down or assistance programs, there is a household income limit. But, Chenoa offers options that do not have income limits as well as using only the actual borrower’s income and not the total household income.

The Chenoa Fund offers different payback options. There is an option where the DPA funds are eventually forgiven. Plus there are options where there is a minimum payment required. Having a problem with debt to income ratios? The FHA option allows for the buyer to have a cosigner that does not have to live in the property.

Down Payment Assistance Helps With High Debt Ratios

What if you have enough down payment but your debt to income ratio is too high? Paying off debts depletes funds for down payment. That’s where DPA can be combined with borrower funds to qualify. Rather than use the borrower’s funds for down payment, use down payment assistance. Then use the borrower’s funds for paying off debts in order to lower the debt to income ratio.

Chenoa Fund FHA Down Payment Assistance

FHA loans are a very popular way to buy a home. Because FHA allows low down payment, flexible guidelines, and great interest rates, it helps both first time and repeat buyers. But, sometimes buyers struggle to save the required 3.5% down payment. That is where down payment assistance products come in. Certain states have their own products such as NC Housing Finance Agency or VHDA. Yet, the Chenoa Fund covers most other states. Even buyers in NC and VA may have the option to choose either Chenoa or NCHFA or VHDA.

By combining FHA loan benefits with the ability to borrow the down payment, purchasing a home just got easier. This is especially true in larger cities because USDA Rural Development loans are not available.

Chenoa Fund Conventional Loan Down Payment Assistance

Down payment assistance is not just for FHA loans, although sometimes FHA is the best option. Even though some buyers have a reason to use a conventional mortgage combined with DPA for 100% financing. When would a conventional loan have an advantage over FHA? Actually, there are many solutions that a conventional loan provides, especially for buyers with higher credit scores…

Fannie Mae Combined With Down Payment Assistance Advantages

  • Lower mortgage insurance (PMI) equals lower payment
  • Qualify easier with student loan debt
  • PMI may be removed later & not available with low down payment FHA

Chenoa Fund Down Payment Assistance in Large Cities

Are you looking to buy with no money down in a larger city where USDA is not an option? Buying in Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, or other large city creates a difficult situation. Buyers may be able to afford the mortgage payment but saving 3 – 3.5% to put down on a $300,000 – $400,000 house is tougher. So, down payment assistance can bridge that gap to purchase a home quicker than expected. Combine down payment assistance with either a seller credit or gift funds to cover closing costs, then you are talking a potential purchase without using any buyer’s funds.

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Written By: Russell Smith