All Weather Road Lender Requirements for Dirt, Gravel, & Private Roads

Buying a home in rural areas often means looking at homes on private roads.  Once you get into the country, there are right many dirt and gravel roads.  Typically these roads are considered private roads when they are not state owned or maintained.  When purchasing or refinancing a home on a private road, lenders require it is an all weather road.

What is an All Weather Road?

Mortgage lenders do not typically require paved roads, but it must be considered all weather.  Wikipedia defines it all weather roadas an unpaved road that does not create mud during rainfall.  But mortgage lenders have their own definition.

All weather roads will allow emergency vehicles and typical passenger car travel.  So basically if the road is impassable with a normal car, it would be a problem.  Lenders depend heavily on appraisers to determine the condition of the road.  Actually the appraisal will state if the home is on an all weather road or not.  This is especially important when it is a dirt road as they can sometimes become washed out.  Also it could get so muddy that cars can’t drive on it.  Even gravel roads which have not been maintained could be ineligible for financing.

VA Requirements for Dirt Roads or Gravel Roads

We receive a lot of questions about properties meeting VA property requirements.  Often it includes something like “Can I get a VA loan on a property on a dirt road?”.  VA is fine with a dirt or gravel private road as long as it meets the following requirements.

  • Safe and adequate vehicular access from public road
  • Protected by a permanent recorded easement
  • Maintained by a homeowners association or property maintenance agreement

Also check learn about buying a home with acreage using a VA loan.  Other types of mortgages such as FHA, USDA, or conventional loans can be obtained on private roads too.

Country Homes Near Me

So country living sounds appealing to you?  There are lots of ways to find the right piece of land.  First, find a local Realtor experienced in properties with land.  Relocating?  Have your VA paperwork together.  Learn about the areaWhat’s the weather?

Written By: Russell Smith