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Why is my Mortgage Credit Score Lower Than my Free Credit Scores?

Maybe you paid for a credit score or maybe you got it for free.  But most find out that there is a big problem with these scores!  The fault in the credit scoring systems used is they do not match the mortgage credit score pulled by lenders.  If you’re thinking that this is unfair and […]


Watch out for the holidays and what they can do to your credit scores!

“Do you want to put that on your charge card for a special discount?  or “If you open a charge card with us, you will save 30% off of today’s purchase!” is what you will hear at every department store you visit over the holidays.  Sounds great, right? Not when it comes to credit scores!  There are several […]


What to do with those old credit cards that could help your credit scores?

When you are looking to raise your credit scores quickly, showing some love to that old card in the back of your wallet could get the points you want! Credit card usage and their affect on credit scores is the most misunderstood credit reporting topic among Americans and often we will hear someone say things that […]


FHA mortgage loan approvals with limited credit or low credit scores

Low Credit Scores Can Get Approved Today there are many prospective homeowners with low credit scores, higher debt to income ratios, or limited credit experience.  This can make it difficult to obtain a mortgage loan to purchase a home.  Potential homebuyers do need to prove their ability to pay a mortgage on-time in order to get […]


Will Credit Inquiries Hurt My Credit Score or Mortgage Approval?

So has the lending world scared you into believing your credit score is your whole meaning in life?  Obviously it isn’t, but it does play a very important role in key areas of life.  Some you may surprise you.  Credit scores could determine insurance rates, employment, opening a bank account, and of course, borrowing money.  Scores […]


Credit Mistakes to Avoid Prior to Closing

Everyone hears the credit advice flying in the mortgage process.  Examples may include “You need to pay off all your debts!”.  “Close your unnecessary credit cards!”.  Too often we see clients do things like these that hurt their purchase or refinance closing.  These costly mistakes stem from two primary areas.  First, borrowers just get bad advice from […]


New Trended Data Credit Reports and How it Affects Your Credit Life

Trended Data Credit Reports Explained As we like to say “Everyone is a number, so you might as well have a good one”.  Lenders have based decisions to approve or deny on your credit score number.  Even employment and insurance rates can be based on your credit score!  Now with Trended Data, a person’s credit reports […]


Will Credit Limit Increases on My Credit Card Hurt my Score?

The relationship of credit limits and the balances on your lines of credit account for almost 1/3 of your credit scores.  So let’s show you why an increase credit limit helps. Increase Credit Limit May Help Credit Scores! Many are scared to death of the consequences from an increase credit limit.  But most of the time the […]