How to Read My VA Certificate of Eligibility Entitlement Code

VA home loans provide active service members and Veterans with an affordable, no down payment option to purchase a primary residence.  Even though VA loans are such a great option to buy a home, many Veterans are not aware of potential eligibility.  So it is our goal to educate Veterans and service members of their benefits.  Lenders review many areas for determining VA qualification.  Today we are discussing the VA Entitlement Code which is listed on the Certificate of Eligibility.

VA Entitlement Code MeaningsVA entitlement code explained

Service members and Veterans know that a VA loan requires a VA Certificate of Eligibility.  But what does the VA Entitlement Code mean?  The code on the COE describes the Veteran’s period of service time or other eligibility criteria.  For instance, code 04 means the Veteran served in Vietnam during part or all of the period 8/5/64 – 5/7/75.  We have provided a chart below which breaks down the VA Entitlement Codes and the meanings.

What a VA Entitlement Code Means
Entitlement CodeSeparation, Effective, or Honorable Discharge EraDatesMinimum Service *
01World War II9/16/40 – 7/25/4790 continuous days
02Korean War7/26/47 – 6/26/50181 days
03Post-Korean War6/27/50 – 1/31/5590 days
04Vietnam War8/5/64 – 5/7/7590 days
05Entitlement Restored
06Un-remarried Surviving SpouseN/AN/A
07Spouse of POW/MIAN/AN/A
08Post World War II
09Post Vietnam5/8/75 – 9/7/80181 days
09Post Vietnam9/8/80 – 8/1/902 years
10Gulf War8/2/90 – undetermined2 years or period called active duty, not less than 90 days
11Selected Reserves6 years in selected reserves

How to Request a Certificate of Eligibility

In order for someone to use a VA loan, the borrower must have a certificate of eligibility.  First of all, our team will gladly order the VA certificate of eligibility for any of our VA borrowers.  The certificate of eligibility determines the VA loan amount, down payment, and funding fee amounts.  But, if you want to request your own Certificate of Eligibility, here is the link.

How to Request a DD-214

When service members have left the military, a DD-214 is issued.  The DD-214 is very specific in telling the Veteran’s history during service.  Mortgage lenders require a copy of the DD-214 for underwriting a VA loan.  So what if you lost it or it is not legible?  No worries!  Here are the easy steps to take in order to request a new DD-214.

How to start a VA Home Loan

So we are providing you with all of this education, but the easiest thing to do is to just call us.  Our team of VA experts will walk you through the VA process.  We promise top level communication and execution in order for you to close on your new home!

Why Choose Team Move for your VA Loan?

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